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Breaking Down the Skoda,

A telltale madras golf hat, a '78 Soviet jalopy and the bloodcurdling   scream of a Bulgarian named Stipe.

Top 5 Summer Street Fashions in China, PSFK (via enovate)

A look at what's hot on the scorching summer streets of China. 

Van's Go Skateboarding Day Does the Trick in Wuhan,

Sweaty punks, broken glass, pouring rain, spilled beer and overmodulated hip-hop bending speakers to and past their limits. Sounds like a nightmare for some, but for the hoard of young skaters on hand for the Van's Go Skateboarding Day event in Wuhan, China, everything was right on key. 

Nike Uses Big Name Pros for FOS Win in Shanghai,

A recap of why Nike's four day Festival of Sports scored with Chinese consumers.

Mentawai Tsunami Warning 'Failed at the Last Hurdle,'

With millions invested, why have tsunami early warning systems in Indonesia failed to help those most at risk?

A Fresh Take on an Enigmatic Land, The Jakarta Globe

The China that Chris Taylor has chosen to represent in his debut novel, “Harvest Season,” has nothing to do with the current Western obsession with the country.

The Mountain that Moved, Taipei Times

A climb to the top of northeast Asia's highest peak reveals further proof of the massive power ot Taiwan's 921 earthquake. 

A Time of Reckoning: Rumors..., Taipei Times

Taiwan's government claims the 921 earthquake was a '100 year event,' but local seismologists are not so sure.

"The bead of sweat that has been clinging to the tip of Mr. Lin's nose finally drops. It falls through the air, splattering audibly against his ceiling. At the same time, smoke from his cigarette wafts in a lazy arch towards his floor. Mr. Lin is not a conjurer, a wizard or a sleight-of-hand magician…it's just that his house is upside down. "

- From "A Time of Reckoning" a story about the aftermath of Taiwan's 9/21 Earthquake.

Surviving Chinese New Year, Taipei Times

A decorative weiner dog teaches one expat a hard lesson about Chinese New Year. 

Art Walk in Kemang, Kemang Buzz

A walking guide to a few of of Kemang's notable art galleries.

Marvelous Little Maestroes, Kemang Buzz

Liesna Shaw explains the art of teaching kids how to paint. 

Advances in Veterinary Techniqes,

Illnesses that used to mean the certain end of a pet’s life are now often treatable bumps in the road.